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In the sales world, first impressions are everything. With Personality Intel, you'll have a front-row seat to your prospects' inner thoughts and processes before that all-important first contact.

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“I recently tried the zScout by Zintlr extension and searched for my own business, The Clueless Company. Surprisingly, it quickly provided the details I was looking for, and the best part was the accuracy. Congratulations and kudos to the team behind Zintlr! Keep up the great work.”
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Mehul Fanawala
Founder at The Clueless Company

Discover the Enchanting Tools for Prospecting and Conversion

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zScout Unlimited

Conduct Swift, Precise, and Effortless Domain Searches with ZScout and Get access to:

  • Company Contact Details
  • Technologies they use
  • Related Keywords
  • Company Description
  • Top executives
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Knowledge Panel- Make your Google search better!
Unlock the power of Knowledge Panel by Zintlr – the ultimate tool for instantly accessing comprehensive prospect details while searching on Google. Elevate your research game today and make informed decisions effortlessly!
“Easy, Instantaneous and efficient! Zintlr gives accurate B2B database, helped our business target right audience. Good lead generation, resourceful extensions and B2B contacts lists have been highly beneficial.”
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Hemashree S.
Presales Executive
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is Zintlr's database better than its competitors?
Zintlr’s database is rich in a lot of sales intelligence which competitors don’t provide. Such as detailed financials, technologie... Show More
What is Zintlr?
Zintlr is a cutting-edge B2B sales intelligence platform that empowers businesses with comprehensive prospecting tools, including ... Show More
What is Personality Intel?
Personality Intel is a unique feature by Zintlr that provides insights into the behavioral traits and preferences of your prospect... Show More
How does Personality Intel work?
Zintlr's Personality Intel leverages advanced algorithms and psychological principles to analyze publicly available information ab... Show More
What data does Zintlr provide?
Zintlr offers prospects from over 30 million companies and 150+ million professionals globally. In addition to Personality Intel, ... Show More
How can I use Zintlr for prospecting?
With Zintlr, you can use the powerful lookup feature to find and unlock information about individuals and companies. The zScout ex... Show More
Is Zintlr an alternative to other prospecting tools?
Zintlr is not just an alternative; it's a superior choice for businesses seeking advanced prospecting capabilities. It stands out ... Show More
What is the refund period for the monthly package?
The refund period is 10 days after the date of purchase. And the refund will take place only if you have consumed less than 15% of... Show More
What are Lookup Credits & Personality Credits?
Zintlr operates on a credit-based system, where each lookup credit represents access to one contact's business details & other det... Show More
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