Crawling Policy

Effective from: March 1st, 2023

To obtain permission for crawling Zintlr, please contact [email protected].

This Crawling Policy is an integral part of the master Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") between Zintlr and the Customer. These agreements govern the automated gathering and use of data from Zintlr (including and linked domains) using bots, spiders, crawlers, or scrapers ("Automated Crawling & Indexing").

Zintlr automated crawling and indexing is absolutely banned. You agree to these Terms and Conditions by engaging in authorized Automated Crawling & Indexing.

  1. You agree to execute Automated Crawling & Indexing only on Zintlr's authorized data, routes, and folders.

  2. You consent to:

    1. Respect any robot exclusion headers and do not breach any limits.

    2. Make use of your own valid IP address and user agent identification.

    3. Not use the IP address or user agent string of another company or service to modify identifiers or misrepresent your services.

    4. Without Zintlr's prior permission, you may not rent, lease, loan, trade, sell, or transfer any permitted IP address or user agent.

    5. Not circumvent any Zintlr-implemented procedures to prevent breaches of these conditions or to manage or limit access to Zintlr.

  3. You agree that the data gathered by Automated Crawling & Indexing will only be used for search indexing purposes and presented in publicly available search engines on the Internet unless Zintlr grants specific permission for alternate usage and display.

  4. You undertake not to rent, lease, loan, trade, or sell any of the data gathered by Automated Crawling & Indexing.

  5. You agree not to share aggregated or bulk data gathered by Automated Crawling & Indexing with anyone.

  6. You agree not to utilize the data gathered through Automated Crawling & Indexing in conjunction with any competing service as assessed by Zintlr.

  7. You undertake not to violate any third-party intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary rights when utilizing data obtained by Automated Crawling & Indexing.

  8. You accept that Zintlr has the right to cancel any authorization provided to you at any moment for any reason. You promise to immediately cease collecting and utilizing data received through Automated Crawling & Indexing upon obtaining notice of such revocation.

  9. You agree to promptly destroy all data collected through Automated Crawling & Indexing upon written request from Zintlr and provide certification of such destruction if requested.

  10. You agree to provide an account of all data collected and its usage through Automated Crawling & Indexing within ten (10) days of receiving a request from Zintlr.

  11. You acknowledge that any violation of these terms may result in an immediate ban from all Zintlr websites, products, and services. You further acknowledge that a breach or threatened breach of these terms would cause irreparable harm and that Zintlr may seek injunctive relief without the need for a bond or other security, in addition to any other remedies available, including monetary damages.

  12. These terms do not grant you any intellectual property rights, either explicitly or implicitly.