Code of Conduct

Zintlr’s Code of Conduct is the foundation on which we base our methods of data collection, verification, and safeguarding. It serves as our guiding principle and ensures that all data processing activities are conducted in a transparent, accountable, and ethical manner that aligns with the greater public interest.

Zintlr’s Community is built to enable Zintlr to establish itself as the premier provider of simple and accurate data-enrichment services, achieved through the contributions of our Community Members in the form of their professional business contact information.

  1. Guidelines

    Zintlr places significant importance on the development of a Community that thrives on alliances and cooperation. In this context, we recognize that as customers work together, it is important to operate on the principle of avoiding causing harm to others and to uphold the code of confidentiality as necessary. Our guidelines are thus not only based on active cooperation but also on fostering positive intent towards other Community Members and upholding the commitment to confidentiality.

    The Zintlr Community encourages the sharing of accurate and up-to-date B2B contact information. To ensure the quality of the information in our database, Zintlr takes measures to update any outdated information. Community Members are also expected to contribute by sharing only B2B contact details and reporting any inaccuracies in the Zintlr database.

    Zintlr's Community has a strict policy of avoiding harm, which means we do not share any information that may cause harm to others. For example, Zintlr will take steps to remove the phone numbers of government officials, politicians, or individuals who may be targeted by security agencies or terrorist groups, and we expect our Community Members to do the same.

    Zintlr also honors confidentiality, and unless legally required, we will not reveal the source of our professional contact information. Our Community Members are also expected to maintain confidentiality and not disclose professional's details of those who are in "stealth mode" or who wish to remain private.

  2. Commitment and Accountability

    Zintlr is dedicated to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations related to the proper use of information provided to our users, including compliance with regulations regarding the sending of unsolicited mass emails (SPAM) or conducting unsolicited mass phone calls in any jurisdiction in which our users operate.

    Zintlr takes every measure to ensure that the information provided by us is not used in any manner that would violate individual rights. We do not collect any information that is not necessary and we do not retain it for any longer than is required.

    Zintlr and its Community Members must comply with any requests to cease using or processing information or to delete business information as and when necessary.

  3. Adhering to Zintlr Code

    Compliance with the code refers to adhering to a set of established rules, guidelines, or regulations. In the context of Zintlr, it means adhering to the company's code of conduct, policies, and procedures related to data collection, processing, and handling, ensuring that the company and its Community Members are acting in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the ethical principles outlined in the code. It also means taking appropriate steps to address and prevent any violations of the code.

    Zintlr's Community success is reliant on both professional and ethical integrity, and Members should strive to uphold the highest ethical standards and adhere to the code of conduct. Members should promote adherence to the code among all B2B professionals and report any violations to Zintlr, which may result in further action including cancellation or suspension of Membership.

  4. Data Handling at Zintlr

    Zintlr takes important measures to protect and safeguard the personal and professional data of its Community Members, including, but not limited to, measures such as obtaining consent for data collection and processing, implementing secure data storage and handling procedures, and adhering to laws and regulations related to data protection and privacy. The program also lays out the rights of Community Members regarding their data, such as the right to access, rectify, or delete their data, and the steps that Zintlr takes to ensure compliance with these rights. Additionally, Zintlr also has a strict "no harm" policy, which means we do not share any information that may cause harm to others and ensures the confidentiality of the data as well.

    Zintlr is dedicated to undergoing annual privacy and security audits by independent third-party auditors to confirm our compliance with internationally recognized standards of security practices. These security measures provide our customers with the highest level of confidence in Zintlr's ability to implement proper privacy and security measures. Additionally, Zintlr strict policies in place to ensure that our data and data collection methods are fully compliant with the most recent legislation.