SPAM Policy

At Zintlr, we are committed to maintaining a safe and spam-free environment for our users. This SPAM policy outlines our guidelines and measures to prevent unsolicited and unwanted communications. By using our services, you agree to adhere to this policy. This SPAM Policy is an integral part of the master Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") between Zintlr and the Customer.

  1. Definition of SPAM

    SPAM refers to any unsolicited or unauthorized messages sent in bulk to a single individual or entity, typically through email or other communication channels, where the individuals or entities have not explicitly consented to receive such messages.

  2. Prohibited Activities

    The following activities are strictly prohibited on the Zintlr platform:

    1. Sending messages without a clear identification of the sender's identity.

    2. Harvesting or collecting email addresses or other contact information from our platform for the purpose of sending unsolicited messages.

    3. Using deceptive or misleading subject lines or content in messages.

    4. Sending messages that contain viruses, malware, or any harmful code.

    5. Using our platform for any form of phishing or fraudulent activities.

  3. Compliance with Applicable Laws

    We require all users to comply with relevant anti-spam laws and regulations, including but not limited to the CAN-SPAM Act. Users are responsible for ensuring that their communications are in compliance with applicable laws in their jurisdiction.

  4. Enforcement

    Violations of this SPAM policy may result in appropriate actions, including warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent termination of user accounts. Zintlr reserves the right to take necessary legal action in cases of severe or repeated violations.